* Available year-round

* Accommodates up to 50 guests

* This space will require a table

  and chair rental fee but will

  allow you to customize every

  detail to fit your needs.

* Buffet style dining

* This space offers zip down      curtains in the event of          inclement weather.

Upstairs Dining Room

* Accommodates up to 75 guests

* Buffet Style Dining

* Zip down curtains provide side 

  wall coverage in the event of

  inclement weather

The Sailfish at Marsh Creek Marine offers 3 locations on-site based on your party size needs. Availability is seasonal so please speak with our events coordinators to find out what is available on your date. Plan your event with us, today!  

Private Events at 

Patio Tent

on the Water

The Sailfish!

Due to the damage caused by hurricane Florence, we will be unable to open our doors for the remainder of the season. Please check back for our 2019 opening date. Thank you for an amazing 2018!


Steamer Bar

AT Marsh Creek Marine

* Available in our off season only

Accommodates up to 50 guests

* Buffet Style Dining

* Usage of our upstairs indoor      and outdoor seating areas        included.

* Decorating and linens available    for this space

TO plan your special event at The Sailfish or for any questions,

please contact our events coordinator!

Charlotte Kornegay